Monday, January 31, 2011

Surprising Furniture – Wooden Heap

Wooden Heap is a most amazing and surprising furniture for all of my friends. When you use this unique wooden furniture you will be giving surprise to your guests. Wooden Heap was designed by a Swiss designer name is, Boris Dennler, Wooden Heap project is so cool and creative concept. This stylish furniture is attractive furniture for your guests. Wooden Heap can be use as a secret passage, you can hide your secret objects or weapons also because nobody can judge Wooden Heap as a furniture.

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Soft Jiujie Chair by Jamu Yang

When you are at office or home, while working on computer, you must need comfortable and relaxing chair for seat because relaxing chair makes more comfortable feeling doing working on computer. Jiujie Chair is really most comfortable chair for computer working at offices or home to you, was designed by creative Chinese designer Jamu Yang. Soft Jiujie Chair should be solved your uncomfortable seating problem. This stylish chair is made with eco plastic material and its looks like a nest. Doing work with soft furniture and enjoy relaxing mode.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cool Snake Bar Stools

Today we share one another unusual and most creative furniture that will be perfect for the Bars, Hotels or Clubs. Cool Snake Bar Stool is most amazing and creative piece of unique furniture. Snake Bar Stool was designed by Svilen Gamolov, who accepts this challenge to made this stool that is most amazing and stylish concept. These stool you could be use in your home decoration because it will be perfect furniture for home decoration. The design of the stool looks like, a snake crawling on the stool with amazing colors. So, friends enjoy your parties in bars with creative snake stool.

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cool Chair Likes a Sleeping Cocoon

Friends would you like sleep on the chair? We know it's a big challenge, but friends don’t worry about this challenge because today we share new and unique furniture, name is a Unique Chair Likes a Sleeping Cocoon, now you can feel free to sleep on the cocoon chair and enjoy your comfortable sleep. Sleeping Cocoon Chair is perfect outdoor furniture, if you go outside than you can use this unique furniture. It's very comfortable and warm because a warm and soft zipper blanket attached with the chair, when you sleep in this cocoon you can zipper close. Sleeping Cocoon Chair is really innovative furniture, it’s a new idea for comfortable sleeping. Cocoon Chair is one of the most amazing ideal furniture of the year 2011. What yours thinking friends?

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Eco Friendly XS Chairs

Today, we share a amazing and user friendly furniture, Eco Friendly Garbage Furniture is a very useful furniture specially for those friends who want to rid of their garbage without any paying the price. A student named was Nick Demarco student of California College of Arts designed this eco friendly furniture named XS Chair that can be filled with old clothes, garbage, bottles, magazines etc. Garbage Furniture is a Eco Friendly Furniture, you can feel free to use this stylish furniture in own homes. Idea was that, don’t worried about your garbage, used garbage for a creative furniture like this. Garbage Furniture is most demanded furniture in all around the world because it’s a user friendly and eco friendly seating furniture.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Elegant Piano Dining Table

Piano Dining Table is a special furniture for those friends who loves piano music. This dining table is a usual dining table, but the attractive thing is that, shape of the table is so amazing and inspired with Piano. The color of this stylish furniture is elegant white and you can feel free to clean. Chairs of this dining table also have amazing and creative design and color. This creative furniture is design by two creative mind, Lovegrove and Repucci designed that dining table. A iPod stand available on the top of the table and one elegant drawer for cutlery sets under the table. It’s a user friendly furniture, so friend feel free to buy this and share your feedback about this cool furniture.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bird Tail Unique Sofa

Bird Tail Unique Sofa is most amazing and creative furniture compare to other furniture. This unique furniture is a conceptual colorful and design is inspired by bird tail. Bird Tail Sofa made with leather and fabric and looks stunning. Conceptual painting on the leather sofa and legs of the sofa is in white color. The back of the sofa is designed like a Peacock Tail. This sofa is good for your room full of imaginative design. Waiting for your best feedback.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Amazing Grass Sofa – Garden Furniture

You are watching world most amazing furniture which made of Natural Grass name as Amazing Grass Sofa. This amazing sofa was grown in a month by using natural grass. This giant grass sofa created by The UK's National Trust, they created the series of grass sofas, but this one is the huge one. Giant Grass Sofa is 26 foot long you can walk on it. It's very amazing and ideal furniture out in the sun.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Unique Garden Furniture Covered With Grass

Friends do you know about garden furniture ? Have any idea what is it? Here, we share unique garden furniture which made by unused and recycled furniture covered with grass. This amazing garden furniture is the idea of Kevin Hunt, who makes the unused and recycled furniture to be useful. So idea of Kevin said that, don’t waste your unused furniture, please make it useful and creative furniture with the help of some grass and showed the world how amazing is it.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Joysticks Shaped Luxury Table

You are watching most amazing design furniture, which name is Joysticks Shaped Luxury Table, a creative design table created by a student who inspired with the Game Console Controllers. This luxury table is made of MDF timber, plywood and veneer. The upper part of this unique furniture is prepared with glass to put items. This game controller shaped table is perfect for your guest room decoration or waiting rooms in offices.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Amazing Cardboard Stool

Everyone loves to like foldable furniture in any environment, Amazing Cardboard Stool is also a new and amazing foldable furniture design by Erdem Selek. You can see in images, how we can be change cardboard in to a stylish furniture like a foldable stool. Amazing factor of this stool, no glues and chemicals are used in this stylish stool.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Funny Banana Bed

Banana Bed is so sweet and so cool unusual shaped furniture. This is very amazing and stylish design furniture which most comfortable for rest. The shaped of the bed is looks very funny and creative. Most of people love to like this amazing furniture, we hope fully for your best response about this unique furniture. It's special gift for all youngsters.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Cool Car Shaped Kids Bed

This post is a surprising gift for cute kids because it’s really amazing and cool kids furniture, The Car Shaped Kids Bed is a so cool and attractive furniture for kids. This furniture will be the new one to readers. We hope full all boys and girls really love this creative bed. Kids, it’s a giant toy for you and you can also take a rest on it. Cool Car Shaped Kids Bed was designed by a Russian Company "Milli Willi". The front of the bed is made with MDF board. Enjoy with this creative bed.

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Largest Inflatable Furniture - Guinness World Records

Friends do you know about world largest furniture, don’t worry, we share world record furniture. The Largest Inflatable Furniture is new world largest furniture who has been selected in Guinness World Records. This Giant Furniture was designed in Bremen, Germany, on 14 April 2009. This furniture is really super size inflatable furniture.
The internal volume of Giant Inflatable Furniture is 801 m³, 20.5 meter longest, width of this amazing furniture is 8.10 meter and height of the furniture is 8.10 meter. This Giant Furniture broke the earlier record, which was set in Dubai, in 2008.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Unusual & Modern Chairs

This collection is really amazing and unusual shaped chairs from Erik Griffioen. Erik Griffioen imagine the unusual shape and than design these kind of modern and unique chairs. Griffioen said that about these chairs, " My work has to be exciting from every angle, have character, beauty and quality, and most of all". Friends you can watch these stylish chairs with every angle. The shaped of the chairs is really cool and beautiful.