Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Deadly or Paint Flow Table

Here, we are sharing one of the most amazing and strange piece of furniture, The Deadly or Paint Flow Table, when you scene this table you must want to quickly get towel. Can you suggest this table name? We suggest Deadly Table with white background, it's really looks strange.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Beam Bed with Sunshine Rays

Friend, would you like sunshine rays in morning session? If you like than you like this stylish bed, The Beam Bed with Sunshine Rays is one of the best ideal furniture for those who love sunshine in morning session. The Beam Bed is designed by Ewan Robertson for Logostudio. It's similar to other normal beds but the base of the bed is a innovative part, some time you feel monsters under the bed but it's not monster, it's wonderful rays of sunshine which executing from the bed.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Salsa Four Seats Table Includes iPads

Everyone knows that, Electronic Gadgets made easier life, Apple iPad is one of the best example. Here we share a new stylish and effective invention designed by Bram Boo, The Salsa Four Seats Table Includes iPads. This is an ideal table for work together or effective in team work, reason behind this, all team members can work together because 4 seats available in salsa table includes integrated iPads separately. This table will be help with collaboration.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Circuit Board Table Built with Scrap Circuit Board

Circuit Board Table is a most attractive and creative designed Table and its specially for those who save or have ton of scrap and old Computers and other electronic gadget's printed circuit boards (PCB). You can also call PCB Table. This table is built with combination two tables, inner table holds all circuit board and upper table is built with glass and outer of this table is made with wood, so all circuit is visible. Friends, if you have scrap circuit board than you can built this kind of amazing table, you can attached LED around the border as you like. So, if you like this table than feel free to share your comments.

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Magical Table - 58 Inch Table Connect with iPhone

iPhone is a most popular and fast growing e-Gadget of 21th century and numbers of people inspired by iPhones. Few days ago, we have been share iCushion and iTable now we are sharing another amazing piece of furniture name is "Magical Table – Table Connect with iPhone" designed by Group of Tinkerers. This is a 58 inch multi touch table attached with a 30 pin dock connector located at the base of the table. This table is really a Magical piece of furniture.

Creators said that, "Immediately after it is attached, the magic starts to happen". This table is really a Magical piece of furniture. Please see in this video and enjoy.

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Walt Disney Characters Shaped Cabinets

Walt Disney is no needs to special introduction because everyone either kids or young or old, everyone knows Walt Disney, Walt Disney is the most popular production house and most of people inspired by Walt Disney. Canadian based studio Straightline Designs specialized in Children Furniture, Judson Beaumont of Straightline Designs designed few creative piece of furniture for children which inspired by Walt Disney characters, The Mickey and Minnie Cabinets and the Donald Cabinet. It's especially for kids and we hope kids will be love this Disney characters shaped furniture.

The Champ Lucky Punch Sofa with Awesome Designed

This is a new creative designed sofa created by a German Furniture Designer. This Sofa is a real Awesome Ideal Sofa for home shaped is so attractive and unusual design. The original name of this Sofa is "Champ Lucky Punch". Champ looks like a soft couch and you can feel free to rest on it and if you feel hard than you can use this awesome sofa as a Punching Bag.
It's very cool and soft for punching. Finally you can use this sofa as living room furniture or as sports equipment, in both cases you will be feel good. Try This.