Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cool Sit to Walkstation Treadmill Computer Workstation

Every one want to healthy and fit life and also maintain a healthy existence day by day, Life is going to very fast, the life of human just bond in office to home, there is enough time to maintain health, So “The Sit-to-Walkstation" is a new stylish furniture which consist of two parts, also say this new stylish furniture is Treadmill Computer Workstation. This modern furniture allows users to stroll, stand or be seated though on the job. Sit to Walkstation is very unique furniture of 2010. This stylish furniture combines two fashionable fundamentals, first one is stylish computer workstation and other part of this hottest furniture is treadmill which is fitness equipment. This unique furniture can be used in offices as a office furniture because both fundamentals of this modern furniture are very useful for office work. The speed of treadmill is 3 mph to 2 mph. also speed display included in this cool furniture. Desk exterior: W78" x D29" Overall footstep: W78" x D67". If you want to buy this 2010 stylish furniture than just feel free because the price of this modern furniture in the markets is $4,599.


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